About us

We provide vehicle servicing, repairs, MOT remedials, vehicle recovery and a bespoke ECU remapping service

Our philosophy is simply to provide our customers with the best possible service we can give.

We subscribe to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair; this commits garages to an open, transparent and fair method of business, aiming to maintain consistently high standards across the industry. This means we will never fit a part to your car without your permission. Alongside this all parts removed are available for your inspection when your car is collected.

By subscribing to the Code, a garage is demonstrating its commitment to operate as a responsible business and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our pricing structure for servicing and repair works is individual to both the customer requirements and the vehicle.
Our skilled technicians have many years of experience built up enabling a wealth of knowledge to be available under one roof. Our team are able to offer the usual services such as vehicle repairs, MOT’s, servicing, breakdowns, recovery’s and fuel drains, and we are well equipped to diagnose faults with your vehicle using our specialist diagnostic equipment.

Our remapping service is second to none. We offer different solutions and can tailor a remap to suit your requirements. All our work is completed by IMI trained technicians and after every remap we complete we like to accompany you as you test drive your vehicle. We believe the best way to show you our confidence in our ECU remapping is to be with you when seeing the results for yourself. It’s this part that makes our job worthwhile, and we truly enjoy knowing you are 100% happy with the changes before any payment is taken!


We carry out a full diagnotic check on all vehicles before we make the tune to your vehicle, to make sure any codes have been dealt with and removed.

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Radical Auto Services offers top quality servicing at prices you can afford

Breakdown Service

To order a Breakdown Recovery Service now or if you require a quote, please call 01392 696 696