Cgon EZero 1

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EZero H1 Unit




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Exeter based Cgon Ltd has launched a revolutionary ‘fuel additive system’ to the motor market.

The product uses unique emission reduction technology that results in significant emission reductions for all fossil fuelled engines, as well as enhanced fuel efficiency.


The 100% recyclable E-zero 1 model can reduce harmful pollutants by up to 80% and improve fuel efficiency by up to 25% for every fuel powered car, van, bus, marine and motor vehicle on the market. The product also reduces engine running temperatures and hydrocarbon build up, prolonging the life of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) on diesel cars.

Cgon was founded in 2012 by former builder and construction manager Mark Fox and former Royal Navy Submariner Brian Sheard, who shared an interest in fuel economy technologies and motor cars.

The patent protected technology used in the system accelerates the fuel burning process in internal combustion engines, achieving near total combustion of the fuel. As a result, it radically reduces emissions of harmful chemicals such as Nitrous Oxides (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM) and Carbon Monoxide.

Keeps DPFs clean

Looking to save money – CGON – Ezero 1 is here !

The ezero1 is an on demand Hydrogen producer that adds hydrogen to your regular fuel/mixture. This results in 5x faster, cooler burn which eliminates almost all waste gasses and provides better fuel economy.

If your vehicle suffers from a regularly clogged DPF, installing an ezero unit will not only clean your existing DPF, it will keep it clean.

Our product works by splitting water into its two base component gases Hydrogen & Oxygen. The two gases are produced on board, on demand, for a given application. The gas is then chaneled into the combustion engine where a unique reaction takes place!

Why Does Cgon Work?

When the two gases Hydrogen & Oxygen are introduced ahead of the combustion cycle, we see a very interesting reaction. All of the base fuel i.e. the Diesel, Petrol or LPG is totally burnt within the combustion chamber. This has some very substantial benefits.

  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Reduces engine emissions
  • Keeps DPFs clean
  • Fits on any fossil fuelled engine

Drivers in the real world report savings around 20% on their fuel bills.

By installing a ezero unit, vehicle emissions are dramatically reduced. Not just NOx and CO2 but also the more deadly, and harder to detect PM and PN.