We have a huge range of specialist equipment that allows us to find and repair all manner of faults on any make or model of vehicle. Including physical repairs to ECU`s, full function coding, Retro fitment, Immobiliser removal, Virginising, Second hand component swap and recode, Cloning and Specialist EDC17 and MED17 ECU services.

  • Before and after ECU Remapping
  • Vehicle engine management light is illuminated
  • The vehicle is just not performing as it should
  • DPF Regenerations if your DPF is Partially Blocked
  • DPF Trouble Shooting
  • Air Bag faults
  • Diagnostic Scan before purchasing your new vehicle
  • Coil Pack fault identification

It is important to note that we are not just talking about code readers, most of our work involves the use of oscilloscopes and other specialist and often in-house developed test equipment to determine the actual cause of any issues found.

Unlike regular garages who spend most of their time servicing and repairing the mechanical side of vehicles, at mobile ECO tuning we specialise in the increasingly complex computer controlled electronic systems on a very wide range of vehicles. We also have the skills and specialist equipment that enables us to repair most electronics systems such as ECU’s to component level, allowing us to repair ECU’s rather than replace them.

70% of our work is for local garages and workshops who often struggle to diagnose due to lack of equipment or knowledge but with our coupled experience we can diagnose most faults within the hour. At your convenience.

Is the Dashboard warning light on?  follow these initial steps

  • Find a safe place to stop the car
  • Turn off the ignition for at least 5 minutes
  • Restart the vehicle
  • If the fault light persists, either permanently or intermittently, we would advise you to have the car inspected by us.
  • Continued use of your vehicle with any of the warning lights illuminated may lead to the car being unsafe or long term damage and we would recommend inspection as soon as possible if the problem persists

All cars are now fitted with computers and a myriad of technology to run and monitor the internal workings of the vehicle. One of the most important functions these computers provide is ensuring your car is operating within the manufacturers parameters; the engine, safety systems (ABS, Anti-Slip etc. etc.) are all operating correctly and safely.
Most people usually only become aware of the functions of these computers when one of the fault warming indicators illuminates on the dashboard (there is usually at least an Engine warning light, an ABS warning light and an Oil Pressure warning light) and consult the vehicle owners manual to read “proceed to an authorized dealer as soon as possible”…. “This could indicate a serious problem”.
Often the warning light will indicate a fault that could be corrected by simply turning the ignition off, waiting a moment and re-starting the car. However, there would always be a reason the light illuminated.

Dashboard indicator light

  • Whatever vehicle, using one of our diagnostic computers we are able to connect to your car, read the “fault” that caused the light to illuminate and begin to diagnose the probable cause. However, due to the nature of cars and their systems, one of the main skills is using the knowledge of the vehicle diagnostics computer, together with modern vehicle systems to correctly diagnose the vehicle fault.
  • At mobileECOtuning we have taken a keen interest in the use of computer based diagnostic solutions and invested heavily in the latest equipment to ensure we are able to deal with most vehicles on the roads today.
  • Using the latest Dealer Level Tools, combined with our knowledge of vehicles and their systems we are able to read and interpret the results from the vehicle computer, diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable resolution.
  • We don’t just run generic ECU scanning tools like most garages we actually utilise genuine dealer level tools. This enables us to Update, Program and code most ECU`s and also communicate with all other ECU`s on the vehicle and not just the engine.